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Martina Forster

Occupation Therapist, RYT

Martina discovered yoga 15 years ago and has been teaching since 2015 specializing in therapeutic yoga. Through yoga teacher training she experienced a deeply healing and grounding experience that she hopes to share with others. She continues to expand her knowledge and experience as a teacher each day, learning from her students and teachers.

As an occupational therapist, Martina works primarily with Neurological rehabilitation. She has a special interest in teaching gentle and therapeutic yoga for injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as one-on-one yoga for those new to the practice or wanting some specialized guidance specific to injury or illness. 

Martina’s classes focus on the importance of breath-focused movement and grounding to help meet the daily challenges of our lives. She uses her training as an OT in conjunction with training as a yoga therapist and fitness instructor to work with clients to improvement their movement, decrease their pain, and release stress from the body and mind.