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Jade Bagwell, RMT

Jade’s passion is helping people feel at home in their bodies. He understands we are more than a body with a certain condition, and that the events of the day, emotions, family, friends, jobs, deadlines and beliefs can all contribute to the sensations we feel in our bodies. Each person is perfectly unique in every passing moment and I approach every treatment with the same uniqueness. Jade holds a diverse set of techniques that can aid in your recovery from physical injury, get you back to your meaningful activities, decrease acute and chronic pain, help you unwind from a stressful day, or just simply relax and enjoy a moment of pampering. He believes massage is an effective aid in the overall well being and health of an individual, and it is an integral part of a whole treatment program. Jade’s goal is to empower you to create lasting habits through a personalized home-care program that may include stretching, strengthening, hydrotherapy and mindfulness practices.