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Nichola Slade, RMT

Nichola (they/them) is a wandering massage therapist practicing in British Columbia & Nova Scotia. When springtime rolls around they pack up their oils and head into the forest to plant trees into the summer. They are glad to be on the wild west coast for a spell and look forward to treating folks at Form Wellness between January-May.


Nichola’s practice reflects their affinity for the natural world and often incorporates hot stones hand picked from the beach; invitations to spend time in nature to promote a sense of well being; and cues to give attention to the natural rhythms and inclinations of our bodies. Some techniques and modalities they like to work with include hot stones, craniosacral, abdominal massage, joint play, and general Swedish massage.


As a queer, trauma-informed practitioner Nichola places a lot of care into creating a warm and supportive environment for all bodies to receive massage therapy. They welcome your boundaries, input, preferences and feedback!