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Amber Faye, RMT

Amber’s approach is both dynamic and calming, integrating multiple therapeutic modalities to achieve effective and client specific treatments. She focuses on supporting the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system, releasing musculoskeletal tension, improving functional mobility, and addressing postural dysfunction. Whatever the treatment goal, her sessions promote an environment of relaxation. She has a special interest in perinatal care, from prenatal massage to postnatal rehabilitation. 


She values the importance of empowering her clients with education in self-care exercises and techniques; encouraging them to be an active participant in their recovery and enhancing the benefits of the treatments at home. She has great respect for people who invest time and energy into their wellness goals, and sees it as a privilege to support her clients in attaining them. She is passionate about working as a team with her clients, to create a treatment plan and holistic experience that best suits their needs.


Amber feels fortunate to live in a community that provides beautiful nature, fresh food, thoughtful people, and (her favourite medicine) the sea.