Form. Wellness+Studio


A space centered around knowledge, collaborative care and connection.

Previously Discovery Passage Massage Therapy, we opened the doors in 1990 and have expanded and re branded to Form. Wellness+Studio. The name "Form", means "To combine to create" and was chosen to represent our space because it best describes what this space is designed to provide.  Our goal is multidisciplinary care that is not only under one roof, but that allows us to work collaboratively to give our patients the best care.

With the expansion came an opportunity to create a space where we could offer functional movement classes, yoga classes and educational workshops as an extension of care.  We’re able to offer a controlled menu of classes that appeal to the various musculoskeletal injuries, syndromes, and ailments that the clinic has been treating for the last 28 (almost 29) years. We’ve focused on offering classes tailored to the dynamic in the room, so that the content is truly focused on what the needs of the participants are, as well as the classic classes that Campbell Riverites have become accustomed to.

Many of our instructors have designations to better recognize and understand the needs and goals of our participants. We have RMT’s, Neuro Occupational Therapists, Kinesiologists, Physiotherapists and Yoga Instructors with 500-800hrs of training.

Our hope is to provide a welcoming space to those who have limited mobility, injuries and musculoskeletal conditions to utilize our studio in a setting that caters to their specific needs in order to help them get moving again.

We are excited to meet you!